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Team Savannah for Veterans

First off, we would like to thank you for visiting our site. Ever since 2013, Team Savannah has been working to provide support to the veteran community. Our team started off by raising funds to go to a charity that focused on putting an end to veteran suicide. In 2012, we were losing an average of 22 veterans each and every day. That's 8,030 veterans in 2012 that committed suicide. However, since the beginning of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, America has lost 8,292 service members in combat. So, we ask ourselves, where is the true battle?

In late 2014, we as a team decided to move towards doing more in the local area. Our focus now is to rebuild our local veteran community, doing what we can to unite the veteran organizations in the area, and raise awareness to those not involved with the veteran community about what veterans have to deal with. We have been lucky and found multiple organizations to work with already, but we are always looking for more. We are also looking to find more members that want to help us help our vets.

Upcoming Events:

2020 Scavenger Race
Date: October 17th, 2020

Details: Team Savannah for Veterans is hosting their second scavenger race here in Savannah. We will be providing teams with clue cards about historical items pertaining to military in the area, so that the contestants can determine what the item is and find it. All travel will be conducted on foot. When the entire team reaches one of the stops, they will gather together and take a picture and then submit it to our social media to collect points. This is a competitive race, but can also be used as a time to learn about the military history of Savannah. Registration is currently open, go to the Awareness Rucks tab to see more!

Looking to be a Member:

Team Savannah for Veterans is a non-profit organization. There is no individual that receives any type of compensation from the organization. By this, we mean that there is no individual on the payroll, all individuals pay for their merchandise, and the work that they do is through our members. We understand that in today's world, we all live very busy lives to be able to provide for our families, therefore we greatly appreciate every minute that you can provide. Our team is always looking for more members and one thing we want to stress to people looking towards becoming a member is that it is based on your own time. As a member, you are not required to attend any event or meeting, we just ask that you provide your support whenever you can. Without members, our organization cannot continue to support our veterans.

If you are interested in members, please contact us through Facebook or through the Contact Us tab above so that we can answer any questions you may have and get you informed about upcoming events.

You can also sign up to be a member using our online Member Sign-Up Form.

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