Team Savannah for Veterans

Fighting for those who fought for us

Current Projects

Injured Veteran Home Repair

Currently the Team is working towards gathering materials for some much needed repairs to the Veteran's home.  These repairs will help keep the Veteran safe and assist in the alleviating stress.  

Previous Events

Charlie's House Fire

Vietnam Marine veteran, Charlie, and his girlfriend, lost their home due to a house fire. In this house fire, Charlie was only left with what he was wearing and the American Flag that was saved by a fireman. He is currently living with his paralyzed son. Unfortunately, Charlie was on hard times and did not have an insurance policy.  The only savings they had were located in the house. We gathered clothes and other essential items for them, to meet their immediate needs. During the time that we raised money to get Charlie another home, his bond between him and his paralyzed son grew stronger than ever. Charlie approached us one day when we showed him a potential home and stated that he really didn't want to move into his own home, that he was happy where he was. At that point, our project changed. Immediately we asked what he needed for the home that he was currently in, because we had already raised money for him. That's when we found out that their HVAC system was inoperative. With the soon to be cold weather coming, we immediately took action and was able to get the HVAC system and ducting replaced in their home. 

Our next step was to replace the back porch and ramp for Charlie's home. This porch had been up for over 20 years, and with his son being paralyzed, it is important to ensure that the porch remains usable. We completed the porch and ramp build and had barbeque to help feed our team members, Charlie and family.

Operation Aksel

Aksel is an older veteran that was dealing with some medical issues. A man that has went through 2 types of cancer for a total of three times, he still had many other issues. One of which is was his knee. He was wearing a brace so that his knee would not move out of place. Not knowing much about the VA and what they had to offer, Aksel was only receiving less than 20% disability. Even though the disability was not our primary focus, we insisted that Aksel get reevaluated to help increase his percentage and get the medical assistance he needs. 

To make things easier for Aksel, we helped him with the access to his home. Prior to us getting to the house, they had a small ramp going into their home. This ramp was approximately 6' in length with an 11" rise. Per ADA requirements, that ramp was almost double the incline it should be. Since he was having a hard time going up the ramp with no sturdy handrail, Team Savannah went there and built an ADA compliant ramp to make it easier for him.

Operation Hurricane Relief

Local Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran and her family was faced with safety issues when hurricane Dorian was causing a large amount of destruction in the Bahamas. Like any veteran, they are going to be concerned about the well being of their family, so they decided that they needed to evacuate from the area. Unfortunately, when they did, they fell behind on some bills. With making just enough to survive when working their normal schedules, missing time from work caused them to lose money to pay their bills. Add on the cost to evacuate, it was inevitable that they could fall behind on their bills. Contacting us with just $1 in her account, she was just asking for us to get her some groceries. Sticking with our idea of giving a hand up rather than giving everything, we decided to assist with two weeks of groceries. After a month, we checked in on her and found out some great news. She has started a new job with the local Sheriff's office and although they are still living tight, they are slowly getting themselves back to where they need to be. 

Operation Homeward Bound

Chris and his two daughters came to Georgia to get started in the local area. With his wife living in Kansas, unable to travel due to pregnancy, he took on a lot of stress by trying to find a place to live while taking care of his daughters. After dealing with a situation with his family, they found themselves living in a hotel. Unfortunately, Chris was only living off of 50% disability. Out of money, he reached out to us, asking for our assistance in paying for the hotel until he could pay for an Amtrak ticket back to Kansas. After a lengthy discussion, we determined it to be a better situation if we went ahead and sent him back to Kansas. We not only purchased the Amtrak ticket, but we sent him and his daughters off with enough money to eat along the way and some money to start off with in Kansas. Up until the day we sent them on their way to Kansas, we had Bubba's Bistro, The Local on 17, and Fia Rua Irish Pub donate lunches/dinners for them to ensure they were able to eat. Our Executive Director also took them, on the day of departure, around Savannah so that they could see the sites.

Operation Carl

Carl spent his time in the military as a Ranger in the 5th Ranger Battalion during World War II. Now, as a 96 year old veteran, did what he could to take care of his property. Unfortunately, with this Georgia weather, managing his own property was difficult. After receiving the call about this veteran, we learned that Carl was unable to weedeat and trim the bushes. After years of neglect, the weeds grew up, the bushes grew out, and the property needed an intense makeover. Members from Team Savannah and other local veterans traveled to Jesup to give the much needed makeover to the property. We learned at the end of the project that the local VFW was going to manage someone to come out and help with the upkeep as well as come out to grind the remaining stumps out of the way.

Seeing this 96 year old man and how happy he was to have his brothers and sisters in arms, was truly inspiring. It was great to be able to talk with him and help him.

Operation Robert

A local news station manager reached out to us pertaining to a local veteran that was in need. Him and his wife had lost their apartment and had moved into a hotel room. With it being right before St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, the hotel stated that they needed the hotel room since they had already booked it prior to them coming in. The veteran's wife is on dialysis and her disability payment was not sufficient in paying the bills. Immediately we met with the Veteran and his wife to get more details to what their situation was. They did find an extended stay to live in, so the team stepped up and helped pay for their stay there. We had also given them a $100 gift card to a local grocery store. 

We supported their stay at the extended stay for seven weeks in order for them to save enough money to find a more permanent place to stay. 

Gerald's New Home

Gerald, a veteran that works for Home Depot, had been working on building a new home since 1997. In 2017, Team Savannah found out that Home Depot was looking for a non-profit that could pick up the project. Unfortunately, we did not have our official 501C3 status at the time, so CVMA 25-2 picked up the project. In January of 2018, we were asked to support the CVMA in cleaning up the old house so that it could removed from the land and the new house could be officially occupied. After about 8 hours worth of work and a 30 yard dumpster full, the old home was ready to be removed from the property so that Gerald can live in his house that he worked so hard to build.

Midway Veteran Home Cleanup

Team Savannah teamed up with Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association 25-2 again to help a local Vietnam veteran living in Midway. This veteran had been dealing with multiple medical issues, making it very difficult for him to do anything, especially yard work. With our help and other local organizations, we were able to clear the extremely over-grown yard and provide him with a new porch to relax on in a matter of a few hours. Through this event, the veteran was able to avoid a $1,000 fine that the city was attempting to put on him.

Home Repairs for Pete

Team Savannah received word about Mr. Pete and his living conditions. Our initial discussions were to go in and repair his home. When we visited the home, those discussions changed fairly quickly. Having holes in the ceiling, holes in the floor, electricity only in the kitchen, no appliances, and black mold throughout the entire home. After further discussion, a good friend of Pete's decided that Pete could live with him while we worked to get him another home. Immediately, we stepped in to remove essential items from the home and then we removed the mobile home from the property. During the time that we were raising funds, Pete's battle with cancer become very difficult. Unfortunately, Pete's battle with cancer ended on December 24th, 2018. 

Veteran Home Flooding Assistance

A local Savannah area veteran experienced an issue with his house which caused major flooding inside of his house. This man is one that will devote all of his time to helping others and during this time of need, Team Savannah came together to help him go through items that were water damaged or items that he wanted to get rid of. To further assist him, we took these items to a no cost dump rather than him paying to have of them disposed of for him.

Tiny Homes for the Homeless

A local, Savannah organization has been working towards getting tiny homes in the area for the homeless. Some of these Tiny Home camps will be used strictly for veterans. Team Savannah assisted this organization by cleaning up the remaining camps so that the property can be leveled and the new tiny homes can be built. This was a very difficult situation for our members to see, but we understand that we had to do this so that our veterans can have an acceptable place to stay.

Lincoln Memorial Cemetery

Members of Team Savannah were informed about the conditions of the cemetery on Hunter Army Airfield. Our members went out in the extreme heat and assisted in the clean up process. For such a large area, a large amount of volunteers were needed. Although there are civilians buried at this location, our main purpose was to ensure all the veterans have a beautiful resting place.

Veteran Moves

Multiple veterans have moved into the local area or have moved out of the local area. Regardless of the situation, if Team Savannah knows that the individual needs assistance, we will and have provided the man power needed to get these veterans moved in. The assistance provided allows the veteran to get moved in faster and with more ease. One particular situation, the veteran had a bad back, which prevented him from lifting heavy items. That's where we stepped in to assist this veteran, and prevent him from further injury.

Kidney for Zach 

This yard sale held on February 14th and 15th at The Furniture Parlor in Richmond Hill. We took anything that had the potential to be sold from anyone willing to donate. We took these items and tried to sell them to anyone that wanted to purchase them and use that money towards the transplant of Zachary Pritchett's Kidney. Any items that did not sell, we took them directly to homeless veterans or other needing organizations. We were able to raise $1600 to be given directly to the Pritchett family. Funds were presented February 21st at the CVMA's Blackjack Run for Zachary.

Operation Restore Old Glory 

Team Savannah for Veterans teamed up with the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, Low Country Mud Rats, Oath Keepers, Perna Construction, and Guerry Lumber to get William and Ruby a new flag pole. William, a WWII and Korean war veteran, told us that they were unable to put up a new flag after their old flag fell down. This couple enjoy going outside and sitting on their porch. So we took the initiative and was able to get a flag pole, concrete and the flag donated  We went out there and poured a new foundation and placed the flag the next day with the assistance of all the other organizations.

Multiple Ruck Marches 

Team Savannah once participated in ruck marches to help raise awareness for veteran suicides. We have traveled many miles in our rucks. We have traveled around downtown, from downtown to Richmond Hill, Richmond Hill to Harley Davidson and back, and even from the Florida State Line all the way up to Downtown Savannah via highway 17. The ruck from Florida state line to River street Savannah was a total of 122 miles, starting Friday night and ended Sunday night.