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Donate to a local charity

Team Savannah for Veterans is a local, Savannah, GA area non-profit charity. The money is used to help veterans in the local area. From projects that we have completed so far, we have used donations to provide veterans with groceries, a place to stay, clothing, and even vehicle repairs. These are all items that we deem that veterans need to be able to live and continue to support themselves and their families. Often times, veterans that contact us are in immediate need. This is the reason why we typically don't do individual fundraisers for each project.

We all understand that our donors work hard for their money, and when they have some to spare, they donate with the intention for it to go to a good reason. That is why we are cautious with how we use our donations. Every Veteran that sends an assistance request goes through an approval process and must answer any question that may arise during the approval process. We also sit down with the Veteran to understand their need and get a feeling for the individual. Besides operating costs for materials such as banners, business cards, and flyers, the money will help the Veterans. This money does not go to somebody's paycheck as no charity member receives compensation.

Please help us help the veterans in the Savannah and surrounding areas.

Donate Your Time

Being a non-profit organization, we rely on our members. We take great pride knowing that no one in our organization gets paid, but that also means that there are members that are constantly supporting us, sacrificing their time with their families. To be a member, there are no requirements other than respecting our veterans. We have seen some situations that aren't that great. We have to keep in mind that we cannot judge and we will treat everyone with respect. If there are certain things that you would be interested in participating in and some that you don't want to, that's not a problem at all. If you only have one day a month that you can sacrifice, that's no problem at all. To get engaged with our organization, follow our Facebook Group "Team Savannah for Veterans" and sign up for what ever event you would like. If you have any questions about being a member, feel free to send a message under the Contact Us tab or post to our Facebook page. If you're satisfied with what you've seen and want to sign-up to become a member, sign up on our online Membership Form.

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