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Need Assistance?

If you are in need of assistance, please submit an application using the online request link below. Applicants must have served 24 months on active duty, unless medically discharged due to a service connected disability. Before any assistance is given, we have to verify your service. Please submit your forms during the application to assist with the approval process. 

Items to provide during the application process (Items with an * are not required but will help):

  • Proof of Military Service (Member 4 Version of DD214). If you need to get your DD-214 click here.
  • Copies of bills/quotes for items needing assistance with.
  • Photographs for items such as home repairs, overgrown property, or other physical items.
  • *Identification (Can be verified in person).
  • *Proof of Disability Compensation.

A submission of an application for assistance does not guarantee that Team Savannah for Veterans will provide assistance. The approval process can take approximately 72 hours upon receipt of all required documentation.

To submit an online request, click - Assistance Request Link.

Want to be a Member?

Team Savannah for Veterans is a non-profit organization. No individual receives any compensation from the organization. By this, we mean that there is no individual on the payroll, all individuals pay for their merchandise, and the work they do is through our members. We understand that in today's world, we all live hectic lives to provide for our families. Therefore, we greatly appreciate every minute that you can provide. Our team is always looking for more members, and one thing we want to stress to people looking towards becoming a member is that it is based on their own time. As a member, you are not required to attend any event or meeting. We ask that you provide your support whenever you can. Without members, our organization cannot continue to support our Veterans.

To better understand our members and what they are interested in, we have developed a form that you can build what you would like to hear about. We understand that not everyone can do everything that we get involved with. For example, you may be able to do some yardwork, but you're not able to do a ruck march. That is completely fine! Instead of bombarding you with notifications for everything that we do, we want to let you know about the pertinent information. If you take a couple minutes to fill this form out, we will be able to respond to you directly about items that you may be able to help us with! Simply click the link below and sign up today!

Please get in touch!

Interested in what we provide? Want to help us help our vets? Know a veteran that needs help? Contact us with what we can help you with. If you're a veteran looking for assistance, please submit the forms above either online or through the weblink.


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