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About Team Savannah

Ever since 2013, Team Savannah for Veterans has been working to provide support to the Veteran community. Our team started by raising funds to go to a charity that focuses on ending Veteran suicide. In 2012, we were losing an average of 22 Veterans each day. That is 8,030 veterans in 2012 that committed suicide. However, since the beginning of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, America has lost 8,292 service members in combat. So, we ask ourselves, where is the actual battle?

The team then decided to focus locally and formed Team Savannah for Veterans in late 2014. Team Savannah for Veterans (TS4V) focuses on helping Veterans in Savannah and surrounding areas. We assist Veterans through peer support, manual labor, financial assistance, and providing essential items to limit the amount of stress in their lives. Our goal is to create an environment where our local Veterans and members feel like they are a part of a family.

Our goal is to unite every last Veteran into a central family. We don't believe in one charity being better than another. Instead, we believe that all charities should work together for the better of our veterans. We enjoy working together with other organizations for the betterment of Veterans' lives.

Now that we have moved to the local aspect, we want to unite everyone in the Savannah area. In the past, TS4V put rucksacks on to help raise awareness or attend events to ask for charity donations. We currently focus on going straight to the Veteran to help them. We will still hold fundraisers to help us pay for things that we can not afford, but we will be out there doing the manual labor.

We are always looking to strengthen our family and look for more individuals who can provide us with their help, ears, and support. Every member has a voice and is encouraged to bring new projects to the table and participate when able. Team Savannah believes in doing what is best for the Veterans and will work to achieve that. If you are interested in joining us, sign up to become a member using our online

Membership Form. If you are interested in donating to us or a business that wants to join forces with us, please donate.

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A Review of 2021

A Review of 2022

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