Team Savannah for Veterans

Fighting for those who fought for us

About Team Savannah

Team Savannah is a group of individuals dedicated to helping our veterans. The team is comprised of veterans, family members of veterans, and civilians. We are a non-profit organization that works out of our own pockets and with what donations we can get to help ease veteran lives. A lot of individuals on the team have found some of the closest friends they have had for a while. We do not focus on just the missions to help others, but we also focus on our team. When we are not out rucking or working on a project, we take time to spend with each other to ensure we are all doing ok.

We believe in uniting every last veteran into a central family. We don't believe in one charity being better than another, instead, we believe that all charities should work together for the better of our veterans. We enjoy working together with other organizations, providing that we feel that the event is what we believe in.

Now that we have moved to the local aspect, we want to unite everyone in the Savannah area. We were used to going out and putting our rucksacks on to help raise awareness or even going to parades or festivals to ask for money for a charity. We have changed that. We are now focused on going straight to the veteran to help them. We will still hold fundraisers to help us pay for things that we can not afford, but we will be out there doing the manual labor as well.

We are always looking to strengthen our family. Looking for more individuals that can provide us with their help, their ears, and their support. If you are interested in joining in with us, please click the button below and send us an email. If you are an individual interested in donating to us or a business that wants to join forces with us, please click the button below.

2019 Annual Report - Click the link to read what we did in 2019.