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Veteran Family Holiday Adoption

The team has chosen to adopt veteran families this year for the holidays. We understand that some veterans strive to make the most of the holidays for their family, even though they may be struggling financially. To help with this, we have decided to help some families by relieving the stress of buying gifts for their children. Depending on the number of entries, the needs of the families, and the amount of donations; the team would like to assist with the purchasing of gifts for the kids of all the families that do not have the means to provide gifts for their children.

November 17th: Applications Closed.

November 19th: Administrative Voting.

November 20th: Notification to Applicants.

November 25th - December 5th: Shopping to be conducted.
December 6th-17th: Time allotted for shipping and in store shopping.

December 17th: Christmas Presents picked up at designated location by the Veteran families.

Apply for Christmas Assistance

As veterans, we all want to be strong and be able to care for our families. Sometimes you need to get a hand up to be able to continue on. That's what we are here for. We want to give you a hand up during this holiday season, so that your family will have a good Christmas. We understand that we may not make your Christmas the best one ever, but we want to remove the financial stress that the holidays can bring to you. To receive assistance, please read our stipulations below that every applicant must agree to. Failure to provide the necessary items will be a forfeiture of assistance given. If you have any questions or issues, please send us an email at

  • Assistance is given by providing gifts for children younger than 18 years old.
  • Every applicant must provide a Member-4 copy of their DD214 or paperwork to verify military service.
  • Fall below the financial requirements listed below based on children living in household.
  • Applicant must submit copies of any form of income. (Paystub, Tax Returns, or VA Compensation.)
  • Applicants must be willing to meet with our organization to pickup the gifts. (Applicants will be given the time and location during notification of assistance to be given.)
  • Applicants must have a detailed list of gifts for each kid at the time of application.
  • Any questions that arise during the vetting process must be answered prior to November 19th.
  • Team Savannah for Veterans assist veterans in the Bryan, Chatham, Effingham, and Liberty counties. The veteran requesting assistance must reside within one of those four counties.

Financial Guidelines:

To ensure that we are assisting those that are barely making it, we have developed our financial guidelines based off of the federal poverty guidelines. We have decided to assist those that fall below these income levels. For families with more than 8 people, add $10,280 per year ($857 per month) for each additional member.

Family Size
Per Year
Per Month

***By clicking the button below, you agree to the requirements above.***

Help Sponsor a Family

To make these holiday adoptions work, we rely on donors like you! Whether you want to partially sponsor a family, fully sponsor a family, or sponsor multiple families; we welcome your donations. Depending on the amount of donations, we may adopt more families or increase the budget for the families. We are not asking for every donor to donate a large amount, we understand that this time of year can be tight financially. We just ask that you help us change these family's Christmas with what ever you may have. It can be $5, $10, $25, or however much you can afford. In 2021, we supported 41 children, so donations are greatly appreciated and needed!

If you wish to donate material items, please contact us at to determine the availability of items and to set up a meeting time. We do ask that all gifts be new. This means that the items are still in the packaging or items like clothes still have the tags on them.

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